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Located in the heart of Europe, Germany is the leading economic power in the European Union and the fourth world wide. The country has the largest population in the euro zone and its inhabitants have a high standard of living. The Federal Republic of Germany has prestigious companies of international recognition spreading the valuable "Made in Germany" stamp. The country is a leader in scientific and technology sectors and offers an infinity of opportunities in research and development.

Capital city:
Official language:
Required language:
English (level B2) or German (level A2)
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  • Bremen.

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Cities for professional practices:


Bremen is a port city with an important foreign trade activity. Famous companies in the automobile sector, among others, have production plants in this historic city. There are also numerous logistic companies and companies specialising in electronics and computing, contributing to powering an important economic engine that creates thousands of jobs and a varied offer of professional practices focused on students.

At the educational level, the German city of Bremen is a centre for International studies that helps many young people to fulfil their German dream.