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Czech Republic

For many years industry has been the engine for the Czech Republic and, thanks to this, the country has a stable economic development. Famous names in the automobile sector have factories in various parts of the country, giving the Czech economy a strong source of income. In the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is a country with many opportunities for carrying out professional practices. Contact Connecting Europe and find out.

Capital city:
Official language:
Required language:
English B1
Czech Koruna (CZK). 1 euro = 27.25 CZK (June 2015)
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  • Prague (1.200.000 inhabitants)
  • Brno (378.000 inhabitants)

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Cities for professional practices:


The capital of the Czech Republic is the most important city in the country and one of the most developed in Central Europe. The pharmaceutical, food processing and electrical engineering industries are some of the country’s most important sectors. Even so, any speciality is good for carrying out professional practices in this city with Connecting Europe.

Its higher educational institutions make Prague a meeting point for students. Known as the City of the Hundred Towers, Prague is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


The capital of the Czech region of Moravia, Brno is a 21st-century city with a large industrial area and a technology park housing hundreds of corporations. Its great business activity in a wide range of ambits and varieties makes Brno an ideal destination for professional practices.

Its separation from Vienna by little more than 100 km and its proximity to the capital of the Czech Republic have made Brno a suitable place of business. The thousands of students who visit this Czech city give it an air of innovation and creativity.