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Located on the Iberian peninsula in the south west of Europe. Portugal’s main economy is based on industry and specifically the services sector. With companies specializing in tourism, finance and telecomunications.

After the recognition of some of the universities in the international rankings, Portugal has been gaining ground in the area of ​​the internationalization of education.

University life, its wonderful climate and its tourism are so appealing to thousands of students every year.

Capital city:
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Required language:
English B1
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  • Porto.

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Cities for professional practices:


Porto is the second most important city in Portugal after Lisbon. Known for the city of bridges and chosen as the best European destination in 2015. It is an old city with a great historical patrimony declared World Heritage by UNESCO. The city has had an extensive modernization in its recent years. The artistic and cultural attractions make it an ideal city to carry out your professional practices in Europe.