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Located in Central Europe, Hungary is a traditionally industrial country. Even so, finance, the automobile sector and electronics are the main ones that consolidate the countries continuous growth and that have made Hungary a reference country in Europe. The services sector has also gained increasing ground in its economy, thus contributing to the country's general growth. Hungary is a nation with many facilities for foreign investment and this has generated a varied and interesting employment offer with signs of constant growth. Choose Hungary for your professional practices and live a unique experience with Connecting Europe!

Capital city:
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English level B1
Hungarian Florin. 1 euro = 311 HUF (June 2015)
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  • Budapest (1.700.000 inhabitants)

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The capital of Hungary is a very interesting logistics centre in Europe and has highly developed infrastructures, mainly in transport and telecommunications. Budapest is an up-to-date city with thousands of companies that give the country's capital a first level business atmosphere. The city has activities in many areas such as the metalworking and shipbuilding sectors. Budapest is also an ideal destination for students specialising in tourism thanks to the numerous hotels in which Connecting Europe offers professional practices.