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In recent years, Poland has become the new economic engine of the European continent and a very attractive place to seeking new employment opportunities. It is a country on the rise thanks to its great diversity of companies and its excellent educational system. All of this means that its economy is defined as vigorous. If you wish to undertake professional practices with Connecting Europe in Poland, it is interesting to note that life there is more economical than in other areas of Europe.

Capital city:
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English (level B1)
ZLOTY - Exchange rate: 1 euro = 4.16 Zloty (June 2015)
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  • Krakow (760.000 inhabitants)
  • Poznan (567.000 inhabitants)
  • Wroclaw (632.000 inhabitants)

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Cities for professional practices:


Located in the south of Poland, Krakow is an historic city with great business development. For centuries, it was the country's capital and is now an important economic centre where many companies have seen an opportunity for outsourcing. The city has a wide and varied core of companies in which Connecting Europe offers professional practices.

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Krakow is a lively city due to a great extent to its numerous faculties and universities.


Situated on the banks of the River Varta, Poznan is another Polish city with great economic wealth. Famous automobile companies and those from other sectors have industrial plants in the city. As with Krakow, it is an historic locality that was the capital of the country. It lies in a strategic area, 270 km from Berlin and 300 km from Warsaw.

Numerous companies from various very different sectors are found in Poznan, making it a very attractive city for students who wish to live a professional experience with Connecting Europe.


The fourth largest city in Poland, Wroclaw is one of the most developed and richest in the country, giving its inhabitants a good standard of living. It is a university city with a great atmosphere thanks to the thousands of students who spend seasons there, either for studies or for work.

At the economic level, Wroclaw has a very important employment market thanks to the diverse companies that abound in and around the city. Because of this, Connecting Europe provides a varied offer for carrying out professional practices in this city.