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Located in Central Europe, Croatia is a Mediterranean country with an economy in continuous development thanks to its powerful textile, chemical, electrical, food and shipbuilding industries, among many others. The services sector is also one of the main engines of the country's economic activity. Croatia has public and private universities and polytechnic centres offering a quality education and that welcome numerous students from all over Europe. The country is also an important meeting place for students to carry out professional practices due to its exceptional and varied offer of companies.

Capital city:
Official language:
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English level A2
Croatian Kuna (HRK). 1 euro = 7.56 HRK (June 2015)
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  • Zagreb (790.000 inhabitants)

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Cities for professional practices:


Zagreb is the main commercial and business centre of Croatia and for this reason it is a very interesting destination for carrying out professional activities with Connecting Europe. Zagreb has been the capital of Croatia and the most important and largest urban centre in the country since the beginning of the 1990s, containing small and medium companies of very diverse types.

It is a city with great administrative and commercial activity and a highly demanded destination by students with Erasmus+ grants who are interested in travelling to Europe to obtain experience relating to their studies.