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Ireland is a highly developed country with good economic expectations. Its strategic location at the international level and its trading activities have always made it an export leader. The technology and pharmaceutical industries are the main sectors that generate a large part of the country's wealth but there are also many other companies of other types that contribute to its economy. The undertaking of professional practices in Ireland is easier than in other European countries thanks to the friendliness and courtesy of the Irish.

Capital city:
Official language:
Required language:
English B1
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  • Dublin.
  • Cork.

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Cities for professional practices:


The success of the Irish economy is due to a great extent to the intense business activity in its capital, Dublin. The city has important industry but it is the distillery sector that has made the city of Dublin famous world wide. Ireland’s entrepreneurial tradition has also caused large, internationally famous, companies to choose the country's capital to install their European headquarters.

In the area of education, the largest city in Ireland has centres of great international prestige.


Located in the South of Ireland, Cork is the second most important city in the country. It is an interesting industrial centre with much commercial activity thanks to its important exterior port. At the business level, there are numerous companies of diverse types in Cork, ideal for carrying out professional practices with Connecting Europe to obtain work experience in studies undertaken.

The city has prestigious schools with many years’ experience and because of this, thousands of students choose this Irish city to study and then seek employment there.