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The country’s strategic location, especially its capital of Ljubljana, favors the development of its economy.

Slovenia has significant reserves of oil, coal and zinc. In addition, it is the world leader in the manufacture of certain elements and generic products.

The country has numerous factories (cars, engines, electrical equipment,  medicines, etc).

More than 90% of Slovenia’s population is employed, and it offers a large number of  social aids.

Capital city:
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English (B1)
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  • Ljubljana (279.631 inhabitants).

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It is the capital and largest city in Slovenia. It is known for its student population and  green areas.

Its historical and monumental heritage, as well as the cultural celebrations that take place here during the year, bring a lot of International tourism to the city.

With regards to the city’s economy, Ljubljana holds an outstanding position on a national scale. The privileged situation with respect to other European countries means a significant influence on the history and development of the city.

It’s worth mentioning that it was awarded the title of “European Green Capital in 2016”.