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Grow as a person

Do you want a unique experience abroad? If you have received an Erasmus+ grant and you have decided to undertake professional practices in a European country, Connecting Europe congratulates you because this is one of the most impressive opportunities of your life.

Above all, the experience of travelling to a foreign city will make you grow as a person. As well as gaining work experience focused on your studies, you will get to know people from other cultures, know how to live independently and learn how to handle any situation better. In short, you will be professionally and personally enriched.

As well as having the great opportunity of working in a European city, you will also be able to take advantage of your stay to attend a language course to learn, or improve your level if you already have knowledge of the language. The academies are a meeting point where, apart from learning, you can gain a closer knowledge of the culture and customs of your host city and country.

Whichever city you choose, you won’t be alone. A Connecting Europe collaborator will be available to help with important matters.

Our team will help to organise the Movement to Europe Project so that you need only think about living an unmatched experience. Dublin, Bologna, Budapest, Cork, Krakow and Berlin are just some of the destinations offered by Connecting Europe. Discover them all here.

Line a professional and personal experience in the European city of your choice!