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Integral service

If you are an international projects coordinator in an educational institution organising Erasmus+ movement projects, this is your place. Allow our team to advise you and we will help students to gain working experience in Europe.

The main mission of Connecting Europe is to advise, help and facilitate the management work of all the coordinators who have received Erasmus+ grants and must seek professional practices and organise movement projects for their students.

To provide a work opportunity to medium, higher or university level students, Connecting Europe offers professional practices in various European countries.

With attention customised for each educational institution, we provide a detailed explanation of our services:

  • Professional practices in companies or organisations in the main European cities.
  • Transfer service from airport to lodging and vice versa.
  • Lodging in a flat, students’ residence or host family.
  • Language courses.
  • Public transport season ticket to facilitate movement in the city.
  • Travel insurance.

Free extranet for monitoring

To ease the work of educational institutions, Connecting Europe offers a free extranet with the following advantages:

  • Allows made-to-measure budgets to be prepared independently.
  • Choose the country, the destination city, the type of lodging, the language course and as many other services as are required.
  • An immediate budget is obtained quickly and simply.
  • All the students’ information can be centralised, together with all the documentation required by the movement project for its monitoring.
  • See the companies assigned to the students and contact information for Connecting Europe’s collaborators in the destination cities.

Contact the Connecting Europe team, ask for access to try the extranet without obligation and convince yourself of its facilities and advantages.