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Together with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, England forms the United Kingdom. The country, the cradle of the Industrial Revolution, is the main European reference in the sector. Companies specialising in the automobile, railway and aeronautical activity sectors, among many others, form the nation's main economic engine. The country's strategic location in Europe and its important ports have always favoured its position as a European reference for exports. Its prestigious schools, famous world wide, favour the constant visits of students to the country.

Capital city:
Official language:
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English (level A2)
Pound Sterling (£). 1 euro = 0.71 GBP (June 2015)
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  • London (8.600.000 inhabitants)

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The capital of England is a great metropolis, one of the main urban areas in Europe, and a multicultural city. London is a financial centre but also has a large presence in other sectors, giving it one of the richest and most varied employment markets on the continent. It is a cosmopolitan city with a great employment offer for students from all of Europe in a multitude of specialities. Thousands of young people travel to the city each year in search of employment opportunities. London is a very attractive destination for carrying out professional practices in one of the many companies offered by Connecting Europe.